Ariadna Project

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Ariadna Project

The general objective of the ARIADNA Project is to design an innovative strategy for dealing with gender-based violence based on an information system which unites the knowledge of all agents who intervene in the gender-based violence prevention, detection and treatment processes in the Autonomous Community of the Balearic Islands, in order to:

  • Achieve optimal coordination of services and resources.
  • Improve care for women who are in abusive situations, and minors under their care, through personalized care plans and follow-up on the victim.

Said strategy must align with the principles of portability, sustainability and evaluation of results and is present in all planned activities, which include:

  • Development of a technological tool based on a unified, compatible information system.
  • Empowerment of the figure of ‘Reference Person’ through professional training and implementation of said figure.
  • General Training Plan for all professionals who intervene in gender-based violence situations.
  • Execution of a research study on the reasons for which female victims of gender-based violence who were murdered in the Balearic Islands did not report their abuse.
  • Execution of the Conference, 'Gender-Based Violence. Future Challenges'.