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'Reference person'

The objectives of this activity are directed towards women who are being abused and are as follows:

  • To provide council, create a track record of her process, make her aware of new formalities, results or information related with her case, schedule accompaniment.
  • To ensure that, in the different phases of the process –like when giving statements, hearing sentences, appearances before the court– the victim does not come into contact with her aggressor.
  • To maintain fluid, permanent and personalized communication with the victim so that she feels as though she really has a reference figure who emphasizes with her situation.
  • To notify the victim of the imprisoned aggressor's release from prison or transfer.
  • To ensure that the process undertaken with the official complaint culminates successfully for the woman who is being abused and her children once her concrete situation is overcome, helping her to not give up on her aim to get out of the violent situation and aiding her to not feel alone or confused.
  • To optimize the resources used with the participation of a professional figure who is familiar with the dynamics of each service or centre.

The identification of the 'reference person' figure shall involve establishing the functions, requirements, specific objectives and professional profile, while determining the scenarios and identifying possible professionals who could take on said figure.

Once the professionals are identified, they shall be given the specific training necessary to carry out their tasks. The creation of a Follow-Up Commission on the 'reference person' shall be undertaken and, lastly, measures to evaluate the figure of the reference person' shall be made available.

Final memory of the 'Reference person' activities (SPA)